Jay is a clinical psychologist, teaching and conducting research in a university in Australia.

She went to university for 11 years only to discover that she now has to lie about her occupation to avoid trite comments like “Are you analysing me?”.

If you ever meet a middle aged, slightly overweight, extremely sarcastic woman on a flight who tells you she is an anthropologist studying the dietary habits of the people of Tepozlan, its her.

She is originally from Canada but moved to Australia in 2007.

She travels a lot.

She’s been studying human behaviour for 20 years and has come to the conclusion that humans are weird.

She finds it disconcerting to write about herself in the 3rd person.

  1. Sergio says:

    I think I’ll like this anthropologist and what she will have to say. And on the “Humans are weird” comment, hear,hear!!

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