The pie of my eye

Posted: September 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

I love baking and I’ve discovered that I make a pretty mean apple pie. I’ve been told by a few people that it is the best apple pie they have tasted.  It also happens to be my favourite apple pie.

One thing I cannot seem to do is make anything look pretty.


It looks tasty, and I could try to pass it off as rustic, but the crimping is uneven, and disappeared on one side during baking.  There was a tear in the crust when I was rolling it out and trying to patch it up left an odd, pale crater.  None of this will affect the taste, but it is frustrating when I really do try to make things look pretty.

The other frustrating thing is that I always forget to put the dabs of butter on the apple mixture.  Every damn time I get the crust on, patch holes, clumsily crimp the edges and when I turn to grab the knife to cut the vents, I see the plate with the little dabs of butter that I prepared earlier in an attempt to not forget them.

Then I throw a quiet temper tantrum.

I finish off the pie and put it in the oven, cursing myself and my Swiss cheese brain.

I am sure the butter would make it even better, because, well…..butter!  But I can tell you that if you forget this step it doesn’t make the pie bad. Perhaps it is best if I always forget so that I am unaware of just how much better it could be.

  1. Cathy Reid says:

    It looks fantastic to me!!

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