Taking Sides

Posted: September 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

My knee-jerk reaction is to believe Dr. Blasey-Ford, but the truth is siding with one or the other, without properly investigating, doesn’t really help anyone.

When Sen. Flake added his caveat to his decision, I was partly relieved because this is the message that tells victims of assault that I will take your claims seriously and look into it. I wish there was more than a week to do a proper investigation, because investing the time and energy to investigate thoroughly really, really sends that message, but….

I am also concerned it may be impossible to come to a definitive conclusion.

We need to keep in mind that if there is insufficient evidence to prove Kavenaugh assaulted Dr. Blasey-Ford, that does not mean he is innocent. And if there is insufficient evidence to prove he innocent does not mean he is guilty.

Kavanaugh continually said that Blasey-Ford’s claims were refuted by others at the party when what was actually said was that the people who were reportedly there, simply didn’t remember.  Some didn’t remember themselves being there, some didn’t remember Kavanaugh being there.  That is not refuting. That is not evidence of his innocence.  I am positive there were dozens of parties that I’ve been that I do not remember being at (don’t even say it Penny).  Even if I remember being at the party, I wouldn’t be able to remember who all was there.

I can actually believe it is possible for Kavanaugh himself to not even remember this incident, especially if he didn’t see it as bad behaviour or something wrong. We may like to think that if a guy engaged in this behaviour he would recognize it was wrong, or even  if he did know it was wrong to acknowledge it, but that is not necessarily the case.

That does not mean he is innocent.

If there is not enough evidence to prove he is innocent, that also does not mean he is guilty.  It may be impossible for him to provide evidence that he didn’t do anything. There may also be no one that remembers him NOT being there, or NOT being in that room.

What we need to do is maintain a stance of open-mindedness, kindness and care for the people involved so as to minimize trauma from investigating. In addition to fears of being dismissed, people don’t want to come forward if they think they will be attacked, scrutinized, have their character called into question, and blamed.  Attacking the accused and treating every comment about them as truth is likely hurting innocent people around them (e.g. spouses and children).  Attacking either side is only causing unnecessary hurt and creating conflict and division in all those who are watching.

Some of the comments from people in the media like Kevin Jackson attacking Dr. Blasey-Ford, saying awful things like she should close her legs and open a book, are absolutely appalling, and only serve to draw ire and backlash.  In one of his tweets he says he does not believe women should be believed no matter what.  That is also the point I am making, but adding the line “feminist want men to NEVER be believed” is absurd.  He makes these extreme comments only for the purposes of entertainment, being edgy, gaining infamy and followers and ultimately dividing people.




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