Who gets my money

Posted: September 12, 2018 in Uncategorized

I’m pretty lucky.  I have a good job and absolutely no life, making my income higher than my expenses.  I’ve recently decided that because I can, I am going to try to only buy from companies that have at least reasonably ethical practices, and decent treatment of their employees.  I say try because I think sometimes business and capitalism in general creates situations that foster unethical practices and poor treatment of employees. Also I say try because there may be instances where I cannot find an alternative which is entirely likely.

Do NOT comment that my buying something from company X means that I’m a hypocrite. That is all or nothing thinking.  I am not saying I’m perfect.  I am not saying anyone else should do this. I am simply sharing an idea I’ve had for what I want to do.

So for example – Amazon.  Super convenient way to get random stuff delivered to my house.  Also a handy way to access stuff that may only be available in the U.S.A. And usually, super cheap.  BUT, Amazon has been all over the news about just how much money Jeff Bezos has and continues to make. In general I am not in favour of individuals becoming ultra rich, but for Amazon it is more about the disparity between Jeff Bezos and his employees.  When someone is making the news for how much money he is making, there is really no reason not to give your employees a good wage (here I would say not even just a decent wage – a good wage).  There are also accusations of working conditions, but these are very difficult to confirm.

Another example is Nestle.  Their practices with buying the rights to water make their practices unethical. Access to water should be a basic right of every citizen of every country.  To buy the rights to water and refuse access is simply unacceptable, especially when there are droughts in California, and tainted drinking water in Michigan!

One of the really tricky parts of trying to not support companies I don’t agree with is knowing what products they make.   Nestle makes a lot of bloody stuff!

Brands owned or made by Nestle

I started to look into this when I heard Nestle was trying to buy a local dog food company called Acana.  This is the food I feed my dog.  Luckily, it doesn’t appear this sale is going to go through, but I didn’t even think of products like dog food. Sure enough in their list of brands they make dog food.

We also sometimes by Presidents Choice Nutrition First dog food, so I thought I would look up who makes it.  I could not find this information anywhere. So I wrote to them and asked who makes it. The first reply was about the quality of their ingredients. I replied, but WHO makes it.  Their reply:

“The vendor information for our PC Nurtrition First line is not available to be disclosed due to proprietary reasons.”

I’m not even sure that makes sense.

Right.  Well if I can’t investigate the maker, then I don’t really want to buy the product.  I feel like this is information we should be able to access. I think it should probably be on the bag, but even if you make it available through some other means, fine. But if I ask, you refuse to tell me…..I’m not buying.




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