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It would be sublime

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

If the driver’s nickname was Mad Dog.

Bark King

Home Ownership

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

So, I bought a house.

Well….I put in an offer on a house, they accepted, got a mortgage, chose a settlement date, gave all the stuff to the lawyer and they said, “There is no title for this address”.

I had a stroke.

They said “Don’t worry, happens all the time. Your settlement date is so far away, it will be sorted by then.”

Gave my notice at the place I was renting. Hired movers. Packed. Cleaned.

Settlement date arrives.

No title.

Panic arrives.

Lawyers say “Don’t worry, happens all the time. You can move into the house on a license agreement.”

Question hiring a lawyer from a Facebook ad.

Signed a licence agreement – I’m kind of a renter, in the house I’m buying…someday.

Title comes through. Sigh of relief.

(Although I have to admit it isn’t so bad being a kind of renter because my kind of rent is cheaper than my mortgage will be and I still feel free to put nails in the walls.)

New settlement date set for September 24th.

Mortgage lady calls to check in. Mentions that mortgage offers expire. She checks. Yep, it expires 4 days before new settlement date.

Panic returns.

May need to re-apply for mortgage.

Second stroke.

Try to focus on problem solving skills. Gather necessary paperwork.

Mortgage lady calls back – bank made a mistake. Expiry date on DECEMBER 20th. 3 months away.

And that, children, is where grey hair comes from.