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Do it for Denmark!

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Ovulation Discount.  Bahahaha I had no idea the Danes were so funny.


Journalist misses irony

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There is a new app called Cloak.  It uses social media platforms to track where your friends, “friends” and non-friends are so that you don’t accidentally bump into them.



I’ve taken this pic from the article below.  It appears to track people you’ve selected and then tells you where they are.  I see this being a hit with the infidelity set.  But this is not the point of my post. The journalist writing about this app says:

“Cloak is the latest app in the “anti-social network” trend, in which online users are increasingly valuing privacy over publicizing their every move.”

So, it is valued by users who  want to maintain their privacy and not publicise their every move but want to know this about everyone else???

Good grief.


The other day I was telling one of my students that in the ye olde days, the lower categories of IQ scores were given names, in particular moron, imbecile and idiot. But I couldn’t remember the order.

In the process of searching for this information on the internet – the font of all knowledge – I discovered that moron comes from the word moros meaning dull. As opposed to oxy which means sharp.

So oxymoron means sharpdull.


If you don’t know what oxymoron means, I suggest you look it up or risk being recklessly categorised by pedantic dinner guests.

FYI, moron is one step above imbecile which is one step above idiot.

Naomi Campbell joins march to stop violence against women    O.o

And one of the cutest creatures on earth.  It has become quite the symbol for New Zealand – indeed the people are referred to as Kiwis. But this is not the sum total of the country.

New Zealand is an infinitely interesting place.  Well, at least the bits I saw in my week-long visit.

Waitomo  – which I was told means water hole.  (Quite coincidentally at that same time, a friend had a flood in their kitchen which lead to a hole in their floor. I felt very worldly to share that they have a tomo in their floor made from wai).

The claim to fame of Waitomo is the glow worms that live in the caves (holes) made by water (wai) over the billions of years the island has existed.  You can’t actually see the worms, but when the caves are dark, a million pin pricks of light give the illusion of a star packed night sky.

Also in Waitomo was the strangest animal farm I’ve ever visited. Upon arrival, and handing over your $22, you receive a little bag of food pellets to feed the animals and asked to not feed them to the young goats because it affects their….output.

This animal farm had deer, ponies, donkeys,


lamas, horses, strange small pigs with pug faces,


ducks, rabbits, enormous roosters, cows, and of course the goats (Sean, you’re right. Their eyes are creepy).


I’m not usually afraid of animals, but feeding things with big teeth with my bare hands is unnerving. It’s amazing but something I was told when I was very small came back to me in the moment – flat hand. Keep your hand completely flat to avoid the animals from accidentally biting your fingers.  That neuron had been dormant for at least 30 years! Walked away with all of my fingers and a freshly flexed neuron.  Good day!

Another destination on my tour was Rotorua. A place known for its natural hot springs, geysers, mineral mud and natural beauty.  And the smell. I’ve heard of many other places described as the asshole of the earth, but this is definitely where she passes gas. The best way I can describe the smell is the day after a pickled egg eating contest. I specifically went to Rotorua to try a mud bath. I wanted to know what it felt like to sit in thick and goopy mud. Turns out they just put a bit of the mud into the hot water. So it felt like a bath.  I know what a bath feels like. I didn’t need to spend $105.  Yes, $105.  I was duped. The highlight of Rotorua was the giant redwood forest. I had no idea that giant redwoods grew here.  It was a thick, lush forest with soft paths of fallen leaves and a thick coating of moss.  Look! It’s a Snufalupatree!!!


I loved New Zealand and it is a damn shame that I only had a week.  I’ll definitely go back (perhaps not to Rotorua). If for no other reason than I heard an ad on the radio for a dentist that offers a cleaning, check-up and x-ray for $60.  For that price, I can afford the flight!

Fa Fa Fa Fa Fashion

Posted: March 8, 2014 in General Rants

When I was in grad school I had the misfortune of teaching a research methods lab at 8am. Every morning I would look at my group of bleary eyed, dishevelled, sweatpant wearing students.  Except one.  I can’t remember her name but she looked like a supermodel.  Not only was she naturally beautiful, she had clearly styled her hair, expertly applied her make-up and chosen a very nice outfit right down to the shoes. I remember thinking, “What time do you wake up to accomplish this and still get to class on time?”

In my world, very little trumps sleep. And you need only look at me to see this.  I am also blessed with not feeling the need to look beautiful for many of my regular activities be they in the privacy of my own home (e.g. scrubbing the floor) or in public (e.g. grocery shopping).  I see university – as a student – as another activity that really doesn’t require one to dress up, let alone glam up. (Who am I kidding, I can hardly be bothered to dress up for university as a lecturer.)

But this week, the first week of semester, I have been continually struck by the efforts that students are going through to fancy themselves up. I saw one student, teetering up the stairs to the book store in stiletto heels that most strippers would balk at.

It isn’t that I don’t think fashion and academia mix. I don’t think you need to be dowdy to be smart. What I don’t understand is the obvious suffering when it isn’t necessary.  Well, I don’t understand that at the best of times, but anyhoo. You will still learn what you need to learn regardless of what you’re wearing. And possibly you’ll learn more if you’re not in pain.

I don’t know if I will ever understand the polished, preened and podiatrically adventurous. Especially in instances where it doesn’t seem even remotely necessary.