Scaredy Chaps

Posted: January 31, 2014 in General Rants

Further proof that women are the dominant gender – men are afraid of the weirdest stuff.

If you ask a man to grab something out of your purse for you, he will bring you your purse. Ok, maybe not always, but probably 99% of the time.  I don’t know what kind of hand mutilating snare you think is in there, but I assure you there is nothing that can hurt you.  One guy actually said to me, “There could be female product things in there.” Again, I don’t know how you think they work, but if we use them in our most vulnerable region, they certainly won’t cut, pinch or abrade you.

The other day I encountered another situation illustrating a pathological male fear.  The ladies washroom.

Our washrooms at work have motion sensor lights. I’m not sure why, but the motion sensors never sense me. I can tell you it is slowly wearing down my self-esteem to be so blatantly invalidated.

I had one foot propping the door open to let in light and was waving my arms like a fool trying to get the lights to come on when a man came out of the mens washroom across the hall. Not wanting him to assume I was a raving lunatic, I explained I could not get the lights to come on.

He came over and suggested that perhaps if I walked further into the room, the lights might come on. He held the door as I went all the way to the far wall, still waving my arms like a hysterical orang-utan. He suggested maybe if I waved my hand under the air dryer, the lights would come on.  Adding salt to my wounds, this second device also refused to acknowledge my existence. I was about to suggest the power to the whole washroom might be out when the man took a single step into the washroom, but then immediately stepped back out and gave a tentative meerkat glance into the washroom.

Um. If there is someone in here lurking in the dark, we have more to worry about than you being spotted in the women’s washroom.

And thanks for sending me into the deep dark corners of a washroom that may be housing the kind of super-villian that would lurk in a dark ladies room!

Chivalry? Dead.

I am not so sure why men are so afraid to go into a women’s washroom, but I’ve witnessed this before.  Women may avoid mens toilets, but that is mostly because we expect them to be urine soaked cesspools of bacteria. But we certainly have no problem bypassing the inevitable queue to the ladies room and heading into the mens when needed.

Why we are not ruling the world is beyond me.

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