Gazing into the Future

Posted: December 31, 2013 in General Rants

It is the first day of a new year.  As people awake with aching heads and cotton mouths, resolutions in abundance, I am left wondering why this single day in our multi-year existence carries so much weight.  I’ve been warned to be careful what I do on New Years Day – never ever do laundry – because what you do on this day will set the stage for the whole year.  If this was true, then a lot more people would stick with their resolutions. 2014 is really just a continuation of the life I’ve been living for 43 years. Realistically, the most noteworthy point of today is that it is the last of my days off.

Yet while I know this day is really nothing special in the greater scheme of things, it feels like it is a natural point to demarcate different phases of my life and this compels me to look forward to what may be for the next 365 days.

What better way to do this than looking at horoscopes!  Let me make it clear, I do not believe in horoscopes and teach about the Barnum Effect in my courses, but I am still intrigued by their existence.  I think one of the reasons horoscopes persevere is that no one ever really checks up on their accuracy. Even those who read them in their morning paper probably forget what they say by the time they’ve cleaned up the breakfast dishes. When we do remember, it is probably due to something actually coming to pass and the rarity of this occurrence puts it on our radar. The problem is, we notice and remember the rare but not the common. So when looking back over time, we will remember the times that were accurate, but not the times that weren’t, giving the illusion that horoscopes were accurate far more frequently than they actually were.

Also, in general horoscopes are worded to be sufficiently vague that they could be interpreted in multiple ways. This then makes it more difficult to say if something did or did not come to pass. If we truly want to believe that our horoscopes were accurate, then we can simply interpret the predictions to fit the outcomes.

Having said this, I’m going to note some of the predictions for 2014  from a few different sources and return to this at the end of the year evaluate just how accurate they were.

Western Horoscope – Libra

” If change is what you want, change is what you will jolly well get!” – But what if change isn’t wanted? This one is quite tricky. If at the end of the year I see that nothing has really changed, I could interpret this prediction as accurate by saying that I didn’t really want change.

“relationships take ridiculously high precedence in 2014” – This is another curious one.  What is ridiculously high? What relationships?

“You’re still being drawn to people with a slightly mad edge so, of course, that brings its own adventures!” – hahahaha Drawn to or scientifically curious about?

“Life is about to feel infinitely sweeter in 2014” – what does sweet feel like? Clearly open to interpretation.

“Jupiter continues to bring luck and bounty to your career zone during the first half of the year, so take full advantage of this fortunate influence while its hot.”  – Hmmmmm first half of the year. The promotions round is in October.  Dang.

“Lucky Jupiter started bringing you the goods for success, opportunities galore and perhaps even a bit of fame.” – Oooooo I could take some fame. But how much is a bit? How many people have to know my name before I become famous.  Luria is a very famous neuroscientist, but I suspect very few people outside of the field know who he is!

“you are totally starting to see how important it is to create a budget and stick to it in order to take your dreams and goals to the next notch” – I would prefer something with the words treasure trove or windfall. Totally.

Chinese Zodiac – The Dog

“There are horoscope signs to suggest Dog individuals will seek other options in employment and be very successful in attaining new positions.” – Considering I’ve only been in my current position for 6 months, I’m not sure how to take this. I know I am vulnerable to wanderlust, but 6 months is pretty short, even for me!

“Careful budgeting and self-sacrifice will be needed to re-establish structure and order.” – Damn, still no prediction of independent wealth. I am actually very careful with my money and don’t tend to spend more than I have. Does this mean I’ll have to be even more conservative? ugh.

“Those of the Chinese Dog are advised to be careful of minor accidents in 2014 which could cause them to become immobilised for a short period of time. ” – Anyone who has met me knows that I am extremely clumsy, and if there is a chance for me to trip and fall, I probably will.  I do tend to be quite cautious and avoid danger, so hopefully 2014 will come and go without becoming immobilised , even for a short period of time.

Well, there it is, my upcoming year predicted.  Good for relationships, excellent for my career, mediocre for money and the risk of minor accidents.  Now I just have 1 year to wait to look back and evaluate the veracity of these predictions.

I wish everyone the best of their predictions, and hope any inaccuracies are in the bad bits.

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