Welcome to The Shrinking Head!

Posted: December 22, 2013 in General Rants, Tales of Travel and Woe

Yes, I am a psychologist. No I will not help you with your problems (but in a pinch I will direct you to someone who can). I have started this blog because I have a lot of ideas and even more opinions and realistically keeping a journal just seems so passé.

It is a curious thing to start a blog.  One presumes that someone will read the entries, but it is quite likely that no one ever will.

I have just spent an agonising hour trying to choose my blog theme and there is a solid chance that no one will ever see it rendering my angst unnecessary.  Funny – the possibility of someone reading this is great enough to compel me to sift through the themes repeatedly, previewing all of the candidates multiple times, but not great enough to compel me to shell out money for a fancy one.

It reminds me of an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati where Johnny Fever calls on listeners to dump their garbage on the steps of city hall in protest of a garbage removal strike. When hundreds of people do so, it is a shock realisation of how many people who actually listen to him.  Please do not dump your garbage on the steps of city hall. However please feel free to comment and let me know you’re reading.

About the name.  When I was in grad school, and coming to the depressing conclusion that psychology is like a deep, drunk conversation, I dreamed of leaving it all behind, moving to Ireland and opening a pub called The Shrinking Head.  Like psychologists, everyone tells their woes to the bartender. The difference being the bartender doesn’t have to actually do anything.  And most importantly, they can read books for fun and drink beer to be serious.

The entries in this blog are my own opinion. Some may be based on psychological or neurological science, but often it will just be my own ramblings about the absurd.  Please do not take the content as fact.  Indeed in psychology there is no such thing as fact – merely supposition until evidence is found that proves us wrong.

  1. Carrie says:

    I will read your blog! I’m already laughing and wiping the tears away. Just not sure if glen can handle me reading them out loud. ( I have to though, then we can laugh together. )

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